Relax it's

We are a local family business, providing a professional, reliable, friendly service.


We conform to Government guidelines. Additionally our work has given us extensive experience, equipment and techniques to create safe environments for you and your home.

Custom Clean Care

Busy family, busy pets, busy job - making more work around your home and less time to do it. Well at least you can relax as far as the cleaning is concerned, with extensive experience, the most efficient equipment and products, we will take good care of your property, after all our name depends on it

Carpet, hard floor and oven cleaning are our specialities

Our thorough carpet cleaning techiques are dry in just 30 minutes

We only use approved, environmentally sound cleaning solutions. 

Founded on wide ranging experience in national facilities companies 

Bacteria & Odour Control

“Ozone Shock treatment”* we eradicate odours and bacteria by breaking down the biological structure of the bacteria by using safe ozone sterilisation processes the same way that hospitals do.
  *(Can be used in properties & vehicles)


Professional cleaning of all types of carpets in domestic properties, our new technology based machines and methods ensure your carpets are dry within minutes (Not hours) and without the use of shampoos, bleaches or any other harmful chemicals.


Ovens & Hobs

All types of domestic ovens, hobs and extractors professionally deep cleaned using our caustic free and totally safe method, full service takes around 2 hours and our set prices are based on oven type and not condition.

 Guaranteed to bring all appliances back to life.

Car valeting and detailing for a professional finish